2nd International Symposium on
The Future of Regenerative Medicine

October 3-4, 2018


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Organizing Committee

Paolo Di Nardo
Sanjiv Dhingra
Vincenzo Desiderio
Felicia Carotenuto
Mauro Casalboni
Antonio Crovace
Rodolfo Guzzi 
Lorrie Kirshenbaum
Anna Maria Maccari
Grant Pierce
Tarik Regad
Igor Reshetov
Pawan Singal
Rita Stefani
Ilaria Tresoldi
Cosimo Tudisco

Regenerative Medicine is very important area of translational research, it is based on the ability of stem cells to repair damaged tissue. Since age and degenerative diseases downregulate the regenerative capacity of endogenous stem cells, therefore, the ability of endogenous and exogenous stem cells to maintain and restore normal tissue function is being extensively investigated. There have been several challenges involved in understanding the behavior of stem cells and their capabilities to adapt to the local environment and initiate regenerative processes after transplantation.
In this perspective, the International Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Network , the Center for Regenerative Medicine of Rome and the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre of Winnipeg, Canada are fully committed to contribute to the advancement of stem cell research and tissue engineering approaches to find stem cell based future therapies. The first meeting through these collaborative efforts was held in Tuscania (Italy) in October 2017 in which more than 70 scientists/clinicians from all over the world shared their experience, expertise and views on the future of stem cells. The tremendous success of this meeting and continuous support from partners has prompted to organize the second joint meeting to be held in Ostuni (Italy) on October 3-5 2018. The aim of this Symposium is to provide a comprehensive overview of various aspects of stem cell biology and applications. This interactive event will offer the latest and most significant developments in basic and clinical research; participants will also get opportunities to discuss future prospects in the field of stem cells and tissue engineering and related areas. Opportunities will be provided to develop significant interactions among researchers and private companies in order to establish a concrete platform for technology development in the field of regenerative medicine.


Our speakers come from all over the globe

Tarik Regad

Nottingham Trent University


Vincenzo Desiderio

Università degli Studi della Campania ``Luigi Vanvitelli``


Christian Berac

Gutemberg University Mainz


Antonio Musarò

Università La Sapienza Rome


Gloria Guillot


Antonio Rinaldi


Maria Prat

University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, I

Elena Pavlyukova

Moscow, RUS

Moscow, RUS

Kapil Bharti

National Eye Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA

Lynn Megeney
Ottawa University CND

Mark Sussman
San Diego University CA USA

Christine Pratt
University of Ottawa CND

Yuri Gulyaev

Moscow, RUS

Jan Kyselovic

Comenius University, Bratislava, SK

Gioia Magda

Tor Vergata University,  Rome, IT

Marcella La Noce

Luigi Vanvitelli University, Napoli, IT

Sara Vasconcelos

University Health Network, Toronto, CND

Riccardo Reale

Tor Vergata University, Rome, IT

Balwant Tuana

Ottawa University, CND

Vincenzo Lionetti

Scuola Superiore S.Anna, Pisa, IT

Francesco Marampon

Foro Italico University, Rome, IT

Evzen Amler

Prague, CZ

Rosaria Rinaldi

Salento University, Lecce, IT

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