Francesco Bacchi

Lab-on-chip platformfor floating 4D Biology

Predictive and informative biological models are enormously needed to
provide reliability and significance in translational medicine and
pharma drug R&D. Cell culture in two dimensions has been routinely and
diligently undertaken in thousands of laboratories worldwide for the
past four decades. However, cells are grown on an unnatural substrate,
complex cell interactions are lost and monolayer cell culture does not
faithfully reflect cyto-architecture, and response to exogenous stimuli.
3D cell culture is clearly more relevant and better mimics the in vivo
conditions but requires a multidisciplinary approach and expertise. In
this challenging scenario, CELLviewer represents a disruptive
Lab-on-chip platform to culture and analyze floating 3D cell models, in
a in vivo-like environment with high level of protocol automatization
and customization.

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