Gloria Guillot

New SERS and patented microsponges for nanosensing, therapy and point of care drug delivery

The making of regenerative medicine and point of care drug-delivery is tied to advances in micro and nanotechnology that would enable the deployment or triggering of the underlying concept that are multiscale and multiphisics in nature. The research community needs of industry grade “blank technology” that can boost advances, allowing the researchers to focus on functionalizations and customization of advanced micro and nanomaterials made available to them. In the pursuit of blank tech, we present an overview of two such technologies brought to the market by Nanofaber. SERS particles are nanocarriers of the future for intracellular sensing and therapy, as well as drug delivery. Patented microsponges of Hyaluronic Acid have demonstrated high-residency time with no toxicology effects nor accumulation in tissue, also enabling the delivery of loaded drugs and molecule (of whatever net electrical charge). Both technologies are new “blanks” with extreme flexibility for functionalization towards a specific application.