Riccardo Reale

Electrical impedance as a non-invasive tool for multiparametric  single-cell analysis

Riccardo Reale, Adele De Ninno, Luca Businaro, Paolo Bisegna, Federica Caselli

Impedance cytometry is an attractive label-free technique for

high-throughput electrical characterization of single particles and

cells. It is used in different biological assays, including particle

sizing and counting, cell phenotyping, and disease diagnostics. A

microfluidic impedance cytometer typically consists of a microchannel

equipped with microelectrodes and filled with a conductive buffer. A

multifrequency stimulation voltage is applied to a pair of electrodes

and the differential current collected from another electrode pair is

measured. The signal trace recorded upon the passage of a flowing cell

conveys information on cell properties. In this work, we present

innovative chip layouts and relevant operation modes that increase the

accuracy and information content of the features embedded in the

impedance signal traces, which greatly increases the application

potentiality of the technique.



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